Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!

Liam is sitting in my lap helping me pic out whichpictures to use for saying thank you.

he also  is helping me type this. i am holding his hand and helping him find the letters I want to use on the keyboard.

We opened the gifts from Dan's Family on Christmas Eve, and the ones from Mama and Dada and Mama's family on Christmas Morning. 

So here it is, our big picture heavy THANK YOU! for everyone who made Liam's Christmas amazing!

We started out with an Early Christmas with Grumpa Dave and Grandma Kathy

Liam was VERY excited

He got many amazing things, like a firefly lamp for his room...

...and a HUGE sticker book!

Evie got some pretty new clothes, and some books

Liam played with that sticker book for DAYS!

Evie fell asleep after all the excitement.
 Then, we had some Christmas Eve joy!

Thank you Grandma Glenda for the warm fuzzy clothes!

And the amazing Cars Puzzle and Book!

Liam HAD to put it together right away!

Thank you Aunt Mel and Uncle Kurt for the amazing wooden toys and the fun outfits!

And thank you for the outfit for Evie as well! Liam helped us open it.

He really liked his wooden bus!

Liam enjoyed the gift from our neighbors too! It was a Lightning McQueen photo frame.

We got a gift from an unknown source at the family breakfast, there was no name on it, but Liam ADORED the Hot Wheels inside of it!

He got a watch and a puzzle from The Mess Crew...

and a copy of Charlotte's Web, one of my FAVORITE movies that I can not wait to open and share with Liam!

Thank you again to Mel and Kurt for the books! Liam will have fun reading them and Evie will really enjoy her books soon.

Evie got a neat set of blocks from Great Grandma Glenda, she seems to like them already and soon enough she will be building towers out of them.

And Christmas Morning was full of MORE fun!

On Christmas morning, Liam's pile of gifts was HUGE!

he got a LOT of new Cars!

Evie loved her wrapping paper!

Had a stare down with a frog...

before deciding he was pretty cool!

The methods of packaging toys gave Dada a hard time!

Evie got a soft warm new shirt from Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy! She is going to look so GOOD in it!

and she got a pack of tactile balls which she already had worked on touching and licking.

Liam got a tool box from Uncle Rob and Aunt Amy, and he had a BLAST opening it and then measuring the box using his very own Tape Measure

Evie was rather captivated by the wrapping paper all morning

Liam waited patiently for help opening some of his toys

He was so happy to see some new Cars characters

Johnny had to come play with some bows and get his bum in a picture

and Liam enjoyed his stocking that Grandma Julie sent him last year, restuffed with new gifts!

His blanket from Grammy Wanda was an instant hit!

Evie pondered the pointy ball for a while
Both kiddos got fun gifts from Aunt Saskia and Uncle Bob

Evie loved her hat

and her scarf...

and both at the same time!
And to say it again, Thank you to everyone!!!!!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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