Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Good with the Bad

I've been thinking about writing a post for a while. SOooooOOOoooOOOOOO much has been happening. Those of you who follow The Daily Liam and The Daily Evelyn know that my updates have been a bit sparse.

A few things have been on my mind. Bad dreams. My Non-sleeping Toddler. New Life Changes.  and a few more. So I will just go down the list. I will alternate good and bad and end on a good note. Just because I can.

Bad:  Bad Dreams
I've been having some dreams where bad things are happening to the kids. First one was a house fire when I was 3 houses down the street and somehow running back was like jogging through molasses. The other was where Liam went under water in the bathtub and when I pulled him out he wasn't breathing, I started CPR.. and then jerked awake and had to go into his room and just hug him for a long while. This one haunts me. I can still see his hair floating out, his face all calm and peaceful like when he is sleeping. Last night it was that someone was trying to take Liam, and I pushed them down the stairs and they broke their back. I guess I am in some sort of worry mode.

Good: Big Brother Liam!
Liam is turning out to be a good big brother. He shares toys, is pretty darn careful of where he is crashing and where his limbs are landing when Evie is nearby. He asks if she is ok when she cries, he brings her her toys, he offers her his food. But he isn't so good that it makes me worry he is not still thinking about himself as he should be right now.

Bad: Liam Won't Sleep
Liam still has not slept through the night. In his 2 years and almost 8 months he has only slept about 15 nights without waking up at least once and/or not getting up early (like, 5:30 am early). We are in an ongoing process to figure this out. Right now we are on limiting nap times to two hours and delaying bed time another half hour later.

Good: New Life Changes
I am implementing a rule for me and Liam... Dan can choose to follow it if he wants or not. But I am not feeding me or Liam any food that has a TV commercial. Other than Cheerios, the occasional mini bag of M&M's and a rare treat of delivery pizza. Already I have found that I am happier and have more energy. I am cooking more at home and finding some simple recipes that I can make even while bouncing Evie in her chair as she sits in her chair in the middle of the kitchen.

Good: Evie Is Growing!
Evie is such a happy baby. She is full of smiles and giggles, she is rolling over and starting to get good at pulling things into her mouth. She is content and just goes along with the flow for the most part and really only cries when something is wrong like being hungry, really wet, super tired or being stuck on her tummy now that she can roll.

More good than bad.... Not too shabby really!

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