Monday, March 28, 2011

Leaps and Bounds

Growing happens. Liam is learning how to stand on his own, of course always at moments I don't have a camera on me. Standing on the side of the bathtub chewing on his rubber ducky. While I was speaking to someone about being her child care provider. (I got the job! I start in a couple weeks, watching her baby boy who is only 5 days younger than Liam.) I did get one, the first time he did it. Perhaps not the best angle, but you can see he is standing on his own!

Liam has been working on other skills. Like putting blocks into a box. Climbing the bottom step and I am helping him learn how to get down instead of sort of tumble off.

We also just switched him onto a new brand of formula. We decided it was time for him to get onto a formula that was about the same, but a generic brand from Target. It is about half the cost.

As soon as I can, I am going to reserve the picnic shelter at the park where I want to have Liam's first birthday party. We sent out the invitation on Facebook for his birthday. June 5th. Sunday afternoon so that Dan can be there.

I can not believe he is just a week away from being 10 months old. And only 2 months and a week away from being a year old.

We are also moving forward in the food department. He has tried almost every fruit and veggie you can find in the produce section. Just no citrus yet, and we have not done blueberries or strawberries. Those are on the list. When he can have them.

I am about to put an end to the purees and move on to just well cooked veggies for him to gnaw on.

He really liked the butternut squash!

I love watching his personality come out. He is getting more demanding about what he wants. He will whine and fuss about things now. Especially if you have to take him away from something he wants, or deny him something he wants.

He really likes hanging out on the couch and standing against the back of it. If you decide that its time to do something else, he will cry for a bit when he has to be taken away from his couch. Or when he puts himself in danger and you have to stop him. He especially does not like when you see his little mouth chewing something and you know he found something on the floor. He hates it when you take away whatever it is that he stuck in there. I mean, you can only clean so much. Something is going to slip through your cleaning, and he WILL find it. He will make a bee line to it, and you had no idea it was even there.

Liam is a brave baby! He will dive headlong into things and trust with the unshakable trust of a child that you will make sure he is safe.

I think I have found out that I am worthy of that trust. I have relaxed about some things, grown more determined about others. Dan and I are becoming adept at thinking on the fly and deciding what we can all live with and what works for Liam. Choosing formula, foods, snacks and toys.

Just the other day we decided to spend a gift card we had on a stand to walk push toy for Liam. We bundled him up and drove over to the Babies R' Us in a rain storm to look what they had.  I was liking this VTech one, push and ride train. Dan found a dinosaur/dragon toy. They both did what we needed, and we were going to get the train, but we hit some of the sound making buttons, and wow... the sounds were sooooooo annoying. Some not so bad, but others were just enough to make your brain hurt. So we picked the dragon toy. Liam seems to like it and we can stand the songs. They might be a little bit repetitive, but nothing like the train.

Spring is heading here, and summer get to come out and warm up the grass. Soon we will be heading outside and taking Liam out into the yard to explore the outside world. I can not wait to see him smile in the sunshine, crawling and walking all over the yard. I wonder how many sticks and rocks and leaves I will have to pull from his mouth... but it will all be worth it to see him wiggle his toes in the grass.

Oh, and he is learning a bit about talking. He makes more sounds. No first word yet, but he is trying so hard! I hope that in a few more weeks I will have something to say about talking or walking!

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