Monday, May 30, 2011

The Hegwood Clan

After Dan's dad, Alan, passed away we decided to fly out to Illinois to see his family and spend some time with them.  I wish we could have made it out before the sad event, but it just was not to be.

A long flight later we were in Chigaco, rented the car, and headed out to Morrison IL to stay with his Grandma Glenda.

Helping with the junk mail

Hanging out with Uncle Dave

     A day later we drove out to Peoria to see his Uncle John and his cousins and second cousins.

Second Cousin Ari giving Liam a ride down the hall
Second cousin Gabriel and his daddy
From Left to Right - Ari, Dan, Uncle John, Diana and Dave
Ari and Dan and John
Liam enjoying some fruits and veggies in a cute old high chair!

After that, his Aunt Mel and Uncle Kurt came to stay with Glenda as well.

Liam giving his Aunt Mel a snuggle while Grandma Glenda rested for a bit
Taking a trip to the park to play at the playground at the picnic shelter Dan's grandpa helped build
A last goodbye with everyone before heading home
I am so glad that Liam got this chance to meet his Dad's side of the family and I enjoyed meeting them as well.  Now I see where Dan gets a lot of his personality from, and I was glad to have the chance to see these people he talks about so often.

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