Monday, July 11, 2011


Ok. I was reading some of my posts, some of my stuff on facebook and you know what? I am a whiney little B*tch. 

I need to start THINKING positive and then perhaps I will feel more positive. It is all in the little things.

This morning I just posted a picture of Liam with his new toddler sized Legos and I wanted to write a caption about how at least if these big ones wind up in my shoe they won't get down in the toe and hurt like the little ones will later on. But that is kinda negative, it would make someone think that I dislike the cool new toy Liam has to play with. When in truth, I was just excited that he will have fun building things and later on have fun building things with the tiny Legos.  

So, no more negative posts.

Ok, I can't promise that.

Far less negative posts.

Lets see if I can make my life happier by BEING happier.

I don't even mean them to sound negative, but they do. And I need to knock that off.

Now, how can I turn an empty fridge into a positive breakfast experience?

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