Friday, January 20, 2012

Stuck Inside!

We got a little bit of snow this past week. One night where it snowed and one day where we got to watch the rain melt it all away.

I did bundle Liam up and we got to explore the snowy back yard with the puppy.

Now it is just raining and raining and raining and we are running out of things to do inside the house! I am thinking it may be time to try some more advanced things with Liam, start on some of the toddler learning concepts.

Maybe get some colors and shapes and work those into every day things. We were given a cute felt board for Christmas from my cousins and Liam liked the idea. The girls cut out a house and a tree and a face but that might be a bit advanced for Liam right now. So I will go get some more felt and make circles and squares and triangles and stars in different colors. We can work on grouping them by shape and color.

Liam is doing well with his shape sorting toys, but does not like putting the shapes all the way into the holes because then he can not get them back out right away. I think the felt shapes will help with this as they will not "go away" when they are put where they go.

If you guys have any other ideas of things I can do with him indoors, let me know!

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