Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. Liam!

Liam turned 2 today. His birthday happened to fall on a Saturday so it made sense to have his party today. We had lots of friends and family come over and bring food and fun times and lots of smiles.

Here are the pictures from the party!

Liam and his cousin Dotty

Dotty loved the bear Liam got!

Boys and their new toys

Liam had a great time playing with the balloons

Everyone got to play in the yard a bit

Liam's new chair was a big hit!

The hammock was a fun distraction and Dotty got to give Liam a kiss on the cheek!

Liam had lunch with his cousins, Dan cooked some nummy burgers

We had some confusion about candles, but no confusion about all the cake to eat!

Presents were VERY fun.

Especially the Hot Wheels holder with the spinning wheel!

Liam's best buddy Orrin got to check out the toys, and gave me some ideas for HIS birthday gift!

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