Monday, June 3, 2013

Liam's Third Birthday!

I know I am not good at sending thank you cards. I will openly admit this. I do not have the time these days to sit down and send out cards. I feel bad about this, but also hope that everyone will understand.

So, here is my thank you card. This time, right here, right now, when I am getting to sit down for 10 minutes (and then get interrupted after 5 minutes and come back 2 hours later to rush to finish up the post in 15 minutes) and write a blog post and put up some pictures for everyone. This is my thank you to everyone. To the gift givers, the trash picker-uppers, the food buyers, the yard work doers, the chair scrubbers, the guests who came to celebrate that Liam turned three. This is my thank you to you for today and every other day that you celebrate my son and my family by thinking of us and helping us and being so kind and thoughtful.

And with that said, lets show off some pictures!!!!

yup. I made that. yup, we have leftovers.

he ate 5 slices of watermelon. 5!!!!!

He was doing really well about sharing his new toys

Nym licked Dotty's elbow, she was offended.

Evie got to nibble on a mint leaf, it was a hit!

I am sad that Liam decided not to be part of this picture, but stopping play time for 10 seconds was too much to ask!

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