Saturday, November 6, 2010

My little crib scooter

So Liam is sleeping in his crib for the second night tonight. (Thank you Grammy Wanda for his beautiful crib!!!)

I put the bumper in the crib, jammed in between the bars and the mattress because my little baby boy scoots.

During the night he apparently puts his head down, gets his butt up in the air and pushes with his feet, sliding along on the side of his face.

He did this in the bassinet, but to a lesser degree simply because there was not as much room to move. Now that he has more space, he is using it. He managed to scoot along last night up and around the side of the crib, then around and down the other side, winding up upside down and backwards from where he started.

It was a little odd to not have him sleeping there right next to me. I missed the soft sounds of his baby snuffling as he turned over. The creak of the bassinet when he scooted or rolled. I missing being able to reach over and put my hand on his back and feel his breathing without getting up from my bed.

The baby monitor we have is one with a camera on it, so I get video and sound when I turn it on. It helps. I can watch for a moment and finally see him twitch a hand or move a foot. Or I catch him wiggling and rolling and scooting. But it isn't the same as touching him and feeling his little ribs move with each breath under my hand.

But it is time for the move into the crib... he is outgrowing the bassinet rapidly. And it also might mean he will sleep longer in the mornings without Daddy's alarms going off.

I admit, I cried a bit that first night. And I might cry some more tonight. I know it is good for him to sleep in his own room. Now we are not waking him up when we come in, and we can talk in normal voices when we head to bed and not hushed whispers.

He seems to be taking to the crib well. He is very easy going about a lot of things. I hope that trend continues as he grows up. He adapts well to new situations. I think I have a harder time adapting than he does!

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