Tuesday, November 2, 2010

And the things you can't remember, Tell the things you can't forget.....

I bought white bread on Sunday.

While this may not seem like a big deal, the smell of that bread reminded me of the Wonder Bread I use to get at my grandma's house. A slice of Wonder Bread, and I would put a little margarine on it... I don't remember ever having Wonder Bread at home, it was a Grandma thing.

Malt-o-meal reminds me of my grandpa. Spending the night at Grandma and Grandpa's and waking up early. He would make malt-o-meal and we would watch cartoons.

Poodles make me think of my Aunt Jean, Lemon meringue pie is for Aunt Judy. Cantaloupe for my Uncle John. He always had it at the table when I had dinner with him and my cousins.

Dinosaurs for my grandpa on my dads side. We always went to the museum in Houston when I visited them.

My Grammy Wanda would make cinnamon toast for me in the house in Houston with the lake out back. I remember mixing up cinnamon and sugar in a little cup or bowl to put on the toast.

The Mother's Frosted Oatmeal cookies remind me of my Aunt Saskia. I remember going to see her and we bought some of those while I was there.

And even though I have not seen my Uncle Bob for a long long time, I remember something about him having these beautiful stones. Like the kind I now go out and hunt from time to time. So when I go rock hunting, I think about him.

There are so many memories that tie the people I love to me. They come up at the most random times.

Like opening a loaf of bread that we bought for a dollar just so I could follow the recipe for my Swedish meatballs.

It is nice to know that these moments bring my family to me, even when they are far away or no longer in this world. They are with me in scents and sights, tastes and touch.

Liam is starting to recognize some people now, he hears his daddy's voice and turns to him, he sees me and smiles. He knows the neighbors, and sometimes will smile at Angie when she comes by with her baby girl, Jordyn, when I babysit for her.

What memories will Liam have of his family? Even the ones I rarely see, I have things that remind me of them.

Even my new family. Knitted things make me think of Liam's Grandma Julie. I see a nice yarn and keep thinking that I should learn how to knit. I keep trying but it never comes out right.

Some day when Liam is older, I want to ask him what makes him think of his family, what reminds him of the people who love him. If nothing else, then to put the idea in his mind to remember things.

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