Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Baby Socks, and a Problem

AUUUGH! Liam's socks will not stay up.  Anyone know of socks that WILL?  I don't want to put him in  tight shoes all day, but I am running out of options. It is either a 300.00 electric bill keeping this house warm enough for bare feet, or some socks. Guess what I am opting for....

And the problem.

Who of us who were born when photographs were easy enough to take and get developed that our parents took quite a few pictures of us? And do you have a picture of you as a happy naked baby? Yup, you do. Probably more than one. And I bet no one worried much about those. One of my naked baby pics even made it onto a newsletter being circulated in Santa Cruz CA back in 97 or 98 about fluoridated water and the dangers of it. Yes my mom asked permission to use it, and yes I gave it. I thought nothing of it. No one would know it was me.

But I am worried to take pictures of my son in the nude. Obviously I would NOT post those online in a public album, but I worry that someone would see them and think that I am a bad momma and being filthy and gross for wanting a picture of my boy in the bathtub, or his cute little pudgy baby thighs as he crawls across the floor after a bath.

These days, even if we think an image is private, it may not be to some folks. Or if we share it with family, who knows what they do with it. When images are digital and easy to copy and re-send we lose track of them. We can not keep them safe anymore.

I could take the pictures, and keep them for myself. But what happens if I let someone use my computer, or maybe it breaks and I take it to get fixed and someone finds them. Is a naked picture of my baby going to be considered dirty?

With everyone jumping at shadows these days, people being afraid that everyone out there wants to victimize their children, anyone who sees ANYTHING iffy at all is reporting it.

I do not want to forget those chubby thighs and the funny bit of fuzzy hair on his tailbone. I don't want to NOT take a picture of my son. But I am afraid to. Afraid of what MIGHT happen.

Do I take the pictures I want, and figure that no one will care what one mom in Oregon takes pictures of, or do I take the safe route and not take them at all?


  1. You take any pictures you want. It is your baby and you should have the cute shots of all his little rolls and play times in the tub. Why should you have to miss those kind of memories because some people are so child pronophobic that you can't even love your own kids anymore. I take anything I want of Aria. Of course like you I would never post them on the net for weirdos to gawk at but I do keep them for her baby book.

    Its your first baby have fun!!


  2. ok now for socks, next time i go to walmart I will look at the ones I used to buy but i wanna say they were gerber from when she was up to a year. The ones that fold down at the ankle and were rather elastic like but not enough to seem like they were cutting off circulation. I'll call you when i figure it out.


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