Sunday, January 16, 2011

Culinary Adventures

Liam has reached the age when we get to play with some new foods.

We have found that while he likes scrambled egg yolk, he does not care for normal scrambled egg.

He finally decided to like green beans, he eats the pre-cheerio's these little puffs that get mushy a bit faster, and he has gotten to chew on a ripe banana. He has had all kinds of new things and seems to like most of them.

I make his food in advance and freeze it in icecube trays. Apples, bananas, beans, peas, carrots... anything he eats. I pop them out of the tray when they are frozen and store them in a plastic bag. It certainly makes dinners simple. I can just add apples to his oatmeal, or to rice.

It is fun watching him, and having him fight me for the spoon and try so hard to get his hands on the cup or bowl I am feeding him from.

For dinner, we had green beans, and then a bowl of apple and banana oatmeal.

Tonight, he snuck a hand in. I was trying to get the bowl away from his reach. I am sick, I do not have the energy to give him a bath, I am so tired... but he got it in there. It was too late to stop the mess. Oatmeal was all over his little hand, and like the baby boy he is, that hand went right to his face and missed his mouth and smeared his cheek. And so I let him have the bowl.

Liam is trying to figure out how to eat a bowl of oatmeal... no one told him that you don't need to actually eat the bowl.

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