Monday, May 16, 2011

Simply Parenting

Our 4 bottles are lined up on the window sill above the sink. Next to them are the two small blue ones that only hold 6oz and double as sippy cups (With a truly no spill optional insert, Thank you Tommee Tippee!) Next to that is the other sippy cup that Liam is on the fence about, and then the one that he kinda likes.

I scrubbed out the bottles and washed the nipples, I shook them all after their rinse and left them to dry.

I started thinking about all of the things we actually needed once we got this parenting thing under our belts.

First there were the 8 or 9 BreastFlow bottles that I thought I needed. Oooohboy was I wrong. The nipple part collapsed in on itself during feeding, making it impossible for Liam to get a continuous feeding without needing me to pull the bottle away, there was no air vent to let him have a nice meal without interruptions. There were two parts to each nipple, the ring to screw it onto the bottle, and then the bottle itself to wash. Oh, and the cap. They were supposed to be closer to breastfeeding, but they were a pain in the butt.

The baby chairs were a nice idea, little papasan like creations of fabric and plastic and metal for the kiddo to hang out in, complete with fibrate functions and one of them even slowly moved back and forth, but he didn't care for them. He wanted to swing and be moving. I am keeping the chairs for the next kiddo, but in all reality, I am glad that I didn't pay for them.

I see some moms who, in the first year, have two swings, a playpen, a bouncy seat, a bouncy door swing jumper thing, 12 or more bottles, a bottle warmer... they can't even leave the house without a HUGE bag of things.

I get that some people like having all the stuff, but I have enjoyed seeing how LITTLE I could get away with carrying. I have 8 diapers in my bag or 10... only so that I don't have to worry about refilling it each time we need to use one. A small pack of wipes, an extra outfit, a blanket for the changing table and a blanket for Liam. A container of cheerios (oddly enough, packed into one of the bottles we no longer use) and now that its summer, I am going to add a bottle of sunscreen. I pack a baggie of formula with a scoop in it, a clean bottle that lives in the bag (again, so I never have to worry that it isn't there. If we use it, we clean it once we get home and it goes back into the bag right away) and the only thing I ever need to remember before we leave the house is to fill up the thermos with warm water. Liam hates a cold bottle.

Of all the gear we got for Liam, the ones that served me best have been the activity center bouncer thing, only because it could amuse him for 15-20 minutes at a time... the swing because it gave me HOURS of peace and quiet and the big plastic fence/pen thing. Which I have used as a.... a wrap I guess, around my living room. Keeping Liam out of the wires for the TV/DvD player area, out of the fireplace and out of the DVD shelf.

I love that we only have 4 bottles. I love that all our baby gear fits into a laptop bag for going out. I love that I have finally figured out how LITTLE you actually need in the first year.

I am sure that soon the toy pile will grow, the book shelf will be home to Liam's toys and I will have to put in some shelves in the living room for him. But for now, I am happy to keep it as simple as I can and enjoy going out with him without worrying about bringing everything.

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