Tuesday, October 18, 2011

So Much to DO!

Maybe its the start of fall and the rainy season, maybe its how busy I have been, but I have not been doing much thinking lately.

Somewhere between shopping for food, trying to keep up with the cleaning, a toddler who is taking off in about 5 directions at once and a puppy who just hit the puppy version of the terrible twos my mind is taking a vacation and I have not been doing much blogging.

But I have been doing some fun things lately. Like puppy obedience class!

Dan and I took a trip to the beach a month or so ago and we are just finishing the tumbling of the first batch of rocks. We were able to do a whole tumbler full of just agates. The result is beautiful! We have another load of rocks that will be done in a week or so, and yet another one waiting to go in, and I have one of some shop bought rough stones that are on their first round in the tumbler.

I made a fall wreath for the door from some fake flowers and grape vines from our own grapes.

I made home made spaghetti sauce and grape juice and grape jelly and canned it all. Here are some of the grapes that we got this year. They were really nice! But wow making grape juice is a lot of work!

I have been making some chain mail jewelry and wire wrapped stones to give as gifts this year.

based on a Japanese 12 in 2 design
a Persian weave chain

My completed works so far, minus a few that were too heavy to hang up

I got some pictures of Liam printed and put them in a nice frame. It makes me happy to have pictures of him that I can hold in my hands.

And Most importantly, playing with Liam a whole lot! We have gone to the zoo, OMSI, the park, the pool and had a lot of fun. And the gym, he does great at the daycare now, no crying when I leave.

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