Sunday, February 19, 2012

Toddlers are Disgusting, and Surprisingly, I'm ok with that!

I must say that there are things in life I have done, seen, or dealt with since having a baby, that I never thought I would do. And no, this is not a poop story. Poop is a whooooole 'nother topic that I will rarely get into, because really, no one else needs to know about my kids diaper.

I still am disgusted by child created filth, lets make that clear. Like the scum layer that forms on all plastic latches for car seats, high chairs and strollers. That layer of dirt and food and drool and hand crud that forms the nasty film you can never scrub off without some serious effort and time. But not with Liam's stuff. For some reason that does not phase me one bit. I do clean his crud, but not until I really have to.

Or the messy face eating. Other kids (other than cousin Dotty, I am immune to her messy face for some reason) with frosting or pasta sauce or blackberry jam or anything at all smeared around their face is gross to me. It makes me dive for the baby wipes and Purell. But with Liam (and Dotty) its like, Dawwwwwww, baby had a nummy snack! Such a happy baby!

And the pinnacle of things I never thought I would do, eat the half finished meal off someone's plate. Without a second thought I will snack on the uneaten part of Liam's lunch or dinner. I will finish his sandwich if I am hungry, or eat the other half of the cracker that he wants to feed me. And then I realize that I wouldn't even do that with my husband. Liam can feed me with his bare hands, and I will let him.

Between the sippy cups of juice that start to ferment when they are lost under the couch, the hands that get shoved in my mouth and then I realize they were just petting the dog and being shoved in the darkest crevasses of the toy bin, the dog toy being held in the babies mouth, the baby toy in the dogs mouth, the little floaties that get left behind in my water bottle after Liam has it..... there are a lot of gross things about having a toddler. And somehow it doesn't phase me or give me the Eeewwwww's the way that it would with other people's kids.

I am immune to my kids gross. I still know its gross, but it doesn't make me panic. I will hug him and kiss him, jam face and all. I remove the "ugh, what was THAT?" flavored hands from my lips and remind him gently that we don't need to put hands in people's mouths.

Honestly, I am amazed that I am not more freaked out by this stuff. But only from my own kiddo. And Dotty. She gets a special pass, nothing about her grosses me out. Having Liam really calmed me down on some of my germ-a-phobic tendencies. I guess that is a good thing, especially with potty training coming up in the not so distant future. But raw chicken should still require a Hazmat suit and special containment procedures if you ask me. Same with the crud down in the couch or car.

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