Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sharing the Garden

I wanted to take a moment to share the garden we have so far this year. I am just so grateful for this yard and for the ability to grow things. I can hardly wait to see Liam eating a tomato fresh off the vine, or some green beans we grew ourselves. Even before winter was done I was out there getting things going. I tore out the blackberries and coming up in their place are what I think are violets and some mint. I planted blueberries in the space where the thorns use to be. It will be nice to not have to keep Liam away from a part of the yard just to keep him safe.

Violets! I think...
The violets in bloom.
Blueberry blossoms
Just getting started with this blueberry growing thing...
We have our rhubarb that comes up each spring.

The rhubarb

The bulbs are up and making pretty flowers, and I am getting the garden ready for some planting.
The red tulips

Liam finger poking a pink tulip
My twine trellis. I needed something for the beans to climb, and didn't want to put in a wooden one, so I made one up. They are strung over a tree branch.

I have a lot of work to do this year, we are getting rid of the old compost piles, as they were full of potatoes which I don't want to have growing in the garden. And I have some lawn patches to re-seed and we want to put in a Japanese maple on the corner where the freestanding compost heap was and just keep the composting to the black plastic bins.We also need to remove some sea shells and obsidian chunks that we found in the decorative heap you see here in the picture. It may have been one of them that cut up Nym's paw last month and I don't want to take the risk with Liam running around in the yard. I want to feel free to let him be bare foot and run around and feel the grass between his toes and not worry about it ending in a trip to get stitches.

The view from the deck, with the grass patch I am trying to re-grow on the right blocked off with a slide and a lawn chair.

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