Friday, April 6, 2012

The Sleeping Baby

There is nothing sweeter than seeing a sleeping baby. I love the way that Liam snuggles his blanket and has his hand up near his face so he can suck his thumb. I love how he now wants to bring his Hot Wheels cars to bed, he likes laying there sleepily playing with them.

But most of all, I love that he goes to sleep with very little fussing. It is so rare that he gets upset about going to bed or taking a nap.

Even if he is not quite ready to sleep he will lay there and play with his cars or his stuffed animals until he is sleepy and goes out.

Somehow I managed to have this amazing baby who is secure enough in his own world to know that it is ok to be alone. I do not know how this was accomplished. If it was in how I put him to bed with minimal "routine" so that it was a simple and easy thing to do, or if it is just in his nature. Maybe it is that I never gave in to any midnight neediness, I met his needs and then just expected him to go back to sleep. He became adept at self soothing. I gave him snuggles and love and reassurance when he was upset until I knew he was ok, then it was time to sleep. I didn't let him cry it out if he was really upset, but if he was just fussing and I KNEW that everything was ok, (as in, had already changed him, fed him, made sure he was not in pain, etc...) I would not go in there for every cry and whimper.

I think a lot of it is just who he is. He is calm and easy to please for the most part. Sure he has his rough moments (or days...) but a lot of the time he is so easy going. I wonder if it comes from my own relaxed approach to caring for him. Lots of love, being there when he needs love and hugs and reassurance, but not hovering. He was always outgoing. I see it a lot now in places like the library story time, when he does not want to be on my lap, but wants to be in the middle of the circle spinning and jumping and running with the other outgoing children. He says "Hi" to strangers in the store, but will not approach them.

Sure, in the beginning I panicked a bit, when he does new and scary things I panic a bit, but hey, I am new to this! I hope that the new little one on the way is as easy going as Liam is. I am not holding my breath for it, each baby is different. But I hope that I can keep up the easiest bed times in the world.

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