Sunday, March 25, 2012

Creating Creativity

I have started to get interested in encouraging Liam's creativity now that he is showing some more interest in doing and making things. He seems to take pride when he colors, so I wanted to see what would happen if he got to try some new forms of art.

It started with giving him a whole box of brand new crayons and watching what he did with them. He helped me line them up and seemed to carefully consider the colors, though each one was still "Lellow!" to him. I draw some shapes each time and he likes to color over my shapes and then head off into his own drawings. He is hesitant to start drawing sometimes until I do it first.

I also got some washable markers for him, though I kept this limited and only gave him three. He gets a bit too interested in taking all the caps off and then I lose them. This turned into an art session of finger prints and hand prints as he used the markers to draw all over himself.

And most recently, I got him a big box of sidewalk chalk. He was thrilled to be drawing on something other than paper and was excited to be outside doing art. I also had fun drawing on the driveway!

The next project I have in mind if it doesn't rain outside is painting with water on the dry sidewalk. Seeing the water change the color of the stone, and it would be his first time playing with paintbrushes. I might consider tinting the water with the finger paints and seeing if that does anything. I figure they will wash off the sidewalk pretty easily.

I am having fun thinking of neat art projects that he can try out and stretch that creative little mind.

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  1. I LOVE that you have him playing with sidewalk chalk! All your ideas are good - letting him experiment and do it his way is just right.


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