Friday, March 9, 2012

Oh the Insanity

There is a level of Absurd and Insane that seems to come with baby teething. They get stuck with this never ending pain that we can do very little about and would do anything to stop. But it is pain with a purpose, but they don't understand that.

And for us parents, it comes with a never ending headache, strings of drool, and crying that we can do very little to stop.

Teething is when I stop caring about the little things. All that matters is trying to make it through the worst of the days. It's when I give Liam cookies just because he is sad. Indulge his every whim, like putting shoes on over his pajama feet. Do preemptive strikes with the Tylenol and Orajel. It's when I miss my sweet good natured little man.

It's when we watch cat videos on YouTube and don't plan on doing things that can not be dropped at a moments notice to go try and comfort the sad ouchie baby. It's when I finally have to stop at a certain point and just put myself on a time out because I feel like I am the worst mama ever because I can't make my baby feel better.

So we had an Oreo time out. The good happy part gave me a few minutes of Happy Liam, and that was worth it. 

shoes with pajamas?

getting Oreo

tasting oreo

ok about oreo

mad that cookie part broke

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