Friday, March 2, 2012

You mean I'm doing this....again?

On December 25th Dan and I found out that I was pregnant. It was such a faint line on that little stick and Dan almost didn't even believe that it was there. So we agreed to wait for a while to tell people. We had decided that it was getting close to the time to try for another one, but we did not expect it to happen this quickly.

Then, just as we were almost ready to share the news, I started bleeding and of course we thought the worst. After an early ultrasound I was diagnosed with a subchorionic hemorrhage, which is bleeding  between the amniotic sac and the uterine wall. We held our breath and hoped and prayed and I didn't do anything more stressful than play with Liam for a few weeks. The bleeding stopped. But it was still too early to hear a heartbeat on the Doppler. I told some close family then, because I needed to tell SOMEONE. I needed someone to share the joy and the hope that we had and to think some happy thoughts for this little baby.

On our most recent prenatal appointment on February 20th we got to hear that heartbeat. It was just about the sweetest sound you could imagine. Even Liam, who came with us, stopped babbling to listen. We both teared up and the midwife was touched by our concern and love for this little life. It was the same midwife who delivered Liam, so that was really special to me to have her be the one to find the heartbeat for this baby.

We held off telling people then, because I decided to have the first trimester screening, which checks for abnormalities and signs of chromosomal defects such as Downs Syndrome. Thankfully, that all came back clean and clear, there are NO signs of anything wrong with our little one. I just didn't want to have to re-announce it if there was something wrong. And the subchorionic hemorrhage has shrunk down to being so small that if this was the first time seeing it, they would not even mention it as it is SO TINY.

But now, knowing that as far as medicine and science can tell, this is a perfectly healthy and normal little baby, I am ready to share this with everyone. We are due on September 7th! We do not yet know the gender but we find that out in 6-8 weeks and will share it when we do.

The only challenge left is that because I had gestational diabetes with Liam, they checked early for it on this pregnancy and sure enough, my sugars were right at the cut off level on the glucose test, as well as my A1C test.  Which means that I am back to counting carbs, trying not to eat too much sugar, and poking my poor fingers 4-6 times a day to check my blood sugar. But with the help of diet and a small dose of medication it is being well managed and my sugar levels are staying in the correct range. Because of the diabetes, the baby might grow a bit larger and need to be induced early (one to two weeks early) but that is one of those take it as it comes things and is not worth worrying about at this stage in the game.

Dan and I are thrilled to be having another baby, and I think the age difference will be just perfect for Liam. We are happy that this little one is all healthy so far and we are both doing all we can to insure that it stays that way.

So now that we are not so scared and that everything is all ok as far as we can tell, YIPPEE HURRAY!  We are having another baby!!!!!

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