Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A quick update

Evie is almost here! Just a little under 8 weeks and she will be keeping me up at night with cries instead of kicks. All in all the whole thing has progressed with minimal problems once we got past that first few scary as hell months.

Liam is still not sure what all is happening. He sees the baby swings and the baby chairs and is learning that they are not for him because he is too heavy now! He is such a big boy and these things are for little tiny babies.

He is growing up so much lately. He talks a lot more, has so many words that he says and puts them together in really interesting ways. He adds about a word a day, sometimes more, and his comprehension of concepts is stunning and rather startling at times.

We have all been busy this summer with trips and visits and fun things to do around town. We go to the farmers market a lot and we found some new parks that are pretty fun. I have been spending time with the ladies in my moms group and enjoying their company more than I thought I would.

Right now we are cleaning up the house for Dan's mom Julie to come visit and also for my mama, she will be here the same weekend. It is always nice having people come visit because it is a reason to finally DO that deep cleaning that needs to happen from time to time. You know, the kind of cleaning where you sit on the floor and scrub the edge of the bathtub with an old toothbrush to get out all the "eeew" that has gathered there since you last scrubbed it. The kind of cleaning that just can't happen all the time.

Nym, our mini Aussie, turned one this summer, on June 14th. She is a good dog and already starting to mellow out into her adult personality. She is dedicated to her baby, Liam, and loves him. Every morning she comes in his room to help me get him up and greets him with kisses. She puts up with a lot of torment from him as he learns how to be nice to his puppy.

Liam is also learning about how to behave with people as well and that some things are ok and some things are not OK. We have started doing time outs for some offenses, and his reaction to those vary from indifferent to a situation fit for screaming about.

But all in all we are doing well and helping Liam learn to grow up into a kind little boy who hopefully will someday soon stop trying to drag his cat around by the tail.

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