Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Lessons of the Second Baby

A few things I have learned in the 6.5 weeks that Evie has been here...


First baby: "No way can he wear that holiday themed pajama! It isn't [insert holiday here]"

Second baby: "Oh look, clean Easter pajamas, and they have fuzzy bunnies on the feet, that should keep her warm this October, SCORE!"


First baby: Measuring out formula with  precision and care, ONLY making 2, 4 or 6oz bottles because one scoop makes 2oz of food. Wasting a LOT of baby food.

Second baby: Its food, not rocket science. She is going to drink only 3oz, so I am not wasting that half a scoop. If its too much, oh well, if its too little, well it makes up for the times she got too much. It's close enough that it doesn't matter!


First baby: I can't let him cry EVER, if he cries I failed at being a mom!

Second baby: It's ok sweetie, I'll be there in a sec, hang on, just need to finish prying your brother off the ceiling/stop him from feeding the dog something weird/get him off the high place he climbed to/get him out of the bathroom/finish putting his pajamas on/get him back inside after he let himself out... you'll be ok, just a little.....bit...... longer...... ok, Hey, what's wrong little girl? Hold on... "LIAM GET BACK HERE, and bring me a clean diaper.......no don't put baby wipes in your mouth. Ugh, I quit!" *sigh*

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