Friday, October 26, 2012

Rainy Day Amusement

It's only been rainy here for about two weeks, but already we have run through a whole list of things to do inside. We are kind of in an awkward place with Liam, he wants to do things but loses interest fast, decides to do something else with the concept (example: fingerpainting on paper becomes fingerpainting on the floor/couch/window/dog), or is just plain not interested (like crayons... he will not color right now).

So, here are some of the things we have done, (and I am open to more ideas!)

Watched a movie and turned it into watching a movie from inside a rolling toy cart.

 Used stickers and blank postcards to make Halloween post cards to send to people. (reminder, send those out today....)

 Put boxes on heads.

 After Liam had such a blast playing with a balloon at a friends house I thought maybe he would like one of his own. He loved it for 15 minutes and had a BLAST with it, until he bit it and ripped the edge off and all the air came out. We sure were glad we only bought him the 3.99 balloon and not the 9.99 balloon at that point.

Play with Cars. He first started with Lightning, Mater, and Finn. Not long after that I found Holley. We added Francesco, Mack, Shu, and Raule over the next 2 months. Here he is getting Nigel. These are all characters from the movies, and we still have Rod, Fillmore, Ramone, Sally, Sheriff, Professor Z, and.... someone else.... tucked away for those days when there is nothing else to do and he is going insane. Before summer comes again I expect him to have quite the cast of Cars characters in his hands! The best part (and worst in some ways...) is that he knows them all by name and wants to keep them together. This is awesome because its fun, but bad because it means if we ever lose one of them or it gets left up in the bedroom and he is downstairs it can make for a sad Liam. And yes, Liam HAS TO have ALL his Cars to go to sleep. He knows if one is missing and will not sleep until he has them all. But they bring him such JOY! It also makes me smile to see him re-enacting some scenes from the movies with his toys.

 To amuse me and Evie while Liam is asleep I have been trying to get great pictures of her, but in between the really precious ones, we get the ones that I love the best... the funny looks!

And of course, we nap. Rainy days are good for naps!

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