Thursday, December 31, 2009

Onward and Upward!

As 2009 closes down all I wish is that I had a little more time.

Time to get the gifts for my family together, (sorry for christmas being late from me!) Time to get out and do more at the end of the day. Time to spend doing the things I WANT to do and not the things I HAVE to do.

But in all the scramble, I am now having to watch my time more carefully.

I was dignosed with gestational diabetes, which means I now can not go more than 4 hours without eating, and that I have to skip almost ALL the sugar out there. I have to eat at certain times for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and check my blood sugar 2 hours after I finish eating. And have snacks in between those meals, and before bed.

Being careful what I eat, and needing to make a bigger deal out of it, is making me feel uncomfortable. I feel like I am a slave to my food now. I would kill for a glass of orange juice (the only thing I have craved this whole time) and when I DON'T eat carbs in my meals, my blood sugar drops, but I didn't eat that many carbs to begin with, it was mostly fruit, juice, and yes, sodas, that raised my sugars. And the occasional bit of chocolate.

So far I have been good about the diet, since being put on it 3 days ago. Only thing that was bad, was that yesterday I woke up from an afternoon nap and I was so hungry I couldn't think. I had just had breakfast, and then a snack 3 hours before I woke up, but I felt like I hadn't eaten in a day. So I downed a whole tupperware container full of pasta and sauce from the night before. I felt full and happy, and went back to sleep happily.

I have these "free" foods I can eat, veggies, and some other things, but too many veggies and BLEAGH, we all know what happens then. And too much meat/cheese/protein and I put on too much weight.

Speaking of weight, tossing all the sugar from my diet caused me to LOSE 3-4 pounds in a week. But the waistline is ever expanding. Even to the point where I had to go buy bigger underwear. *grumble*

But this week the top of Baby's little home-for-now reaches my belly button, and its starting to look more like there is a baby in there and not just too much holiday food!

21 more days until we get that ultrasound, which is super exciting.

But right now, I have a long overdue date with my bed.

Sleepy time!

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