Friday, August 13, 2010

ZOMGWTF Neighbors!

Oh I know I know I know I have complained about these neighbors in the past, but really...

It has come down to Annabel SLAPPING Brianna.

Brianna and her were fighting and Annabel is screaming at her, telling her to go to hell and she slapped her. Twice that day.

No matter what a child has done, slapping them and screaming at them will NOT make them change their behavior.

So the girl wants to cling to men, well, her mom has HOW many kids? with HOW many different dads? Gee, lets think where she gets that behavior from.. or it might just be that she wants a male figure in her life who isn't being MEAN to her like the guys here are.

They see Annabel screaming at her and treating her like dirt, so they think its ok. The kids do it, the teenagers upstairs do it... Everyone treats this child like she is worthless.

My heart hurts for her.

So, someone called the cops. *whistles innocently*

And next thing you know Annabel is threatening that if she finds out who did that she will have them evicted. Riiiiiigh. Sure thing CrAZy LAdY!!! You just try it. I dare ya!

Then she is coming around and practically smooshing my screen in screaming at me and Dan, "Did you call the cops? If you did I wish you would mind your own business." We just asked "wait, WHAT happened? Oh wow, someone called the cops? Who would do that?" *innocent face*

Well... You scream at Brianna, you slap her, your screaming wakes me up almost every day, your screaming wakes my son from his nap, your screaming makes me feel like I am going to puke, or maybe just go outside and beat the shit out of you. So you know what BITCH, you MADE IT MY BUSINESS!

Besides, if anyone saw that kind of abuse and DIDN'T think it was wrong and want to do something about it, THEY would be in the wrong just as much as Annabel is.

Angie treats the girl like crap too... yea, the pregnant one who smokes. She sprayed the girl in the face with a hose for crying because she had an injury to her foot. An 11 year old crying, GOD FORBID! we better stop that, NO ONE should CRY! I mean really.. what is this world coming too, a child crying because they hurt...

I wish I could just kidnap that girl and take her away from this. Sure, she might have issues. She lies a lot. But you know, if you got slapped for anything you did wrong, you would try to lie and say you didn't do anything wrong as well. She is clingy, well, that is understandable, I think she just wants a scrap of love, some attention that isn't negative...

But as sad as this all is, Brianna, Angie's unborn child (one month to go... oh god that poor baby...) all the kids who get yelled at... well, I can't fix it. I can't stop this... and to save my own little heart from breaking, I really hope our plans to move soon keep going forward. Or I might just have to call child services a few HUNDRED times. Or I might move, THEN call child services. A LOT.

Our children deserve better than this. EVERY child deserves better. You can't just ignore things like this when they are shoved in your face. When they wake you up every morning and make you sad...

So send some kind thoughts to a little girl named Brianna, and pray for Annabel... I am currently praying that she gets run over by a truck carrying a load of manure, but thats just me.

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