Monday, October 11, 2010

Never Enough

First, this is not a plea for help. This is just me thinking out loud (online) and sharing it in hopes of getting advice or an idea.

We are poor. No other way to say it. 

We are barely squeaking by each month. We have enough for rent, bills and some food once the food stamps run out. Always, Liam comes first. We make sure he has enough for food.

If not for the gifts from family, he would probably sleep in a drawer. And I am not kidding.

Our fun each month comes from a video game account that we pay 15 dollars each for. We do that because for 30 dollars a month we have something to do once the chores are done and when Liam is napping that we both enjoy that lasts a lot longer than a movie. We also read books of course, and clean and play with the kitties while Liam naps. I have started baking again recently, did an apple pie, and some banana bread.

But the long and short of it, is that I need to be working.

I have so many things I can do, I just need to find a market for them. I am posting to Craigslist every couple days, advertising myself as a freelance designer. So far, one nibble.

I also make jewelry, but putting it on a site like Etsy was unsuccessful. I made one sale, and that was to a family member. There is just too much stuff out there for someone to be found quickly. Plus the time investment for listing each item, photographing it, editing the photo, typing a description for each thing... it was a lot of time to just list a few things.

I have been watching Craigslist for freelance work, or for boutique stores that might want to sell my stuff from their store.

I also had an idea for a couple of things... one is a baby swing accessory. After using the swing I noticed that Liam's feet were cold a lot. I figured it was from the wind chill factor of him swinging back and forth. So I tucked a blanket around him... but either his feet poked out or the blanket hung down, slowing the swing and putting drag on it that would, over about 5 minutes, pull the swing out of sync with the mechanism that kept it moving. Which made it click annoyingly and also eventually stop swinging.

So I made a blanket with an elastic loop that would fit into the swing, holes for the straps to come through, and it folds up and attaches with snaps or velcro (I have not decided which to use just yet.) Liam uses my proto-type swing cozy, complete with marker lines and slightly wonky seams, he puts up with me sitting him in the swing and then marking up the swing cozy blanket thing then pulling it out again to work on it. It keeps his feet warm and does not create drag.

All in all, I think once I get this concept down, I might take the proto-type to Babies R' Us and try it on the display swings there to see if it will fit more than just his style. If not, I can make another style and from there, post it on baby oriented web sites, like the What To Expect forums, see if other moms would be interested in it. If they are, I could sell those as well as my jewelry.

My other idea was to use some of Liam's onesies that he outgrew to make him a quilted blanket. If that works out right (i will do a test one with onesies from a thrift store... before I chop his up...) I can have other moms ship me the onesies, and I can make them custom baby blankets from them.

Also, once I have the time as Liam gets older and I can get a solid hour to sit down and work without stopping, I can get back to crocheting, and making baby blankets or hats also. Or even doggie or kitty blankets! 

But to do this all, I think I need to finish testing the ideas, and then if they seem to be something I can sell, finding a way to make an online store. My own domain name, my own site.... I can design a site, I just do not know how to do the code to make it into a store where you can purchase using PayPal or anything like that.

I want to get this off the ground. I have so many ideas, I MAKE so many things... I just need to find a place to SELL them.

So I am asking you, friends, family, anyone who stumbles across this page... For ideas, for thoughts, or for a lead...

Here is a link to pictures of the jewelry I make. If you know of a place that sells things like this, send me their web site! I would love to see if they want to offer my things for sale in return for a portion of the money.

As I get other things made, I will photograph them and post them as well.

I think I just need to get the word out there! And maybe you all can help me. 

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