Monday, October 4, 2010

The Naked Baby...

Wow, we ended up with so many outfits for Liam that he is fitting into RIGHT NOW. In the beginning we were a little short on clothes, and we don't have much for the 9month plus area, but in the 3-6 which he is fitting into now we have SO MANY!

I started to hang some onesies and pants on a string above the changing table, as I keep on in my quest for making sure he wore each outfit at least once. You can see them in the background here.

But as I was looking through the drawers, and the closet, and the bags of clothes, I realized there are some that may not fit him now that he never got to wear.

I have been trying to make sure he wore the outfits that were gifts, and that I got pictures. I once even thought about trying to remember who gave us what outfit... but as time goes by, I realize that other than a few significant ones, I can not remember who gave us what clothes. There are even some in there that I don't know WHERE they came from...

So if you gave us clothing, thank you! But I am sorry if I don't get you a picture of him wearing it. I do have the pictures of him in most of the outfits, they are online on my Picasa album. You are welcome to look through all the pictures of Liam that are on there, and by all means, save and print whatever pictures you like.

I warn you, we already have thousands of pictures of him. And I am putting them all online so that everyone in the family can see them. Even the bad ones, the funny ones, the ones where he looks like he is plotting world domination or just pondering how to make a messy diaper. The ones that show our daily life with him.

We appreciate each and every gift we have been given, especially the clothing! It is getting cooler up here in Oregon and I like having the long sleeves to put him in, the fuzzy pajamas... He looks so cute in them all!

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