Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I guess I'll go eat worms...

Ever since we switched to Enfamil formula Liam has been fine. But we still had two buckets of Similac formula on the shelf.

Well today I checked them against the recall, realizing that I would probably never give them to him and should see if they were recalled. If they were safe, I might see if I could find someone who needed them and let them use them.

They were recalled.

Which might explain why the first few feedings with Similac were fine, but then suddenly when feeding the buckets that had been bought from Babies R' Us all on the same day, that were more than likely the same lot number... well. I think thats why he was ok with the buckets from the other stores, they must have been different lot numbers.

And here I thought it was Similac brand itself making him sick... nope, it was the beetle larva in his food making him sick.

And I bought these MONTHS ago. And Similac is only now catching the need for recall?

Oh. My. God. I fed my son beetle larva.

No wonder he was puking, and refusing to eat, and screaming after he ate. The food itself was making him sick.

I think Similac has lost this customer for life. If I bought these in Mid July, and only find out about a week ago about a recall.... yeesh. Scary.
I bet WIC is having a major crisis on their hands with how many people feed their babies off of WIC supplied formula, and all they supply now is Similac.

Makes me even more happy that I did not switch back to even another type of Similac just to save money by using WIC.

No amount of money is too much for what I feed my baby boy. We are making it work. I would sooner eat a little less and watch the pennies and use my food stamp money for Liam's formula than risk feeding him contaminated food.

Enfamil, don't fail me now... Don't you have a recall crisis next month...

It makes me want to cry, knowing that I was feeding him contaminated food and trying to get him to eat more of it and not cry. He knew something was wrong, it just took me a few days to catch on.
I'm sorry Liam. At least we fixed it and nothing permanent was damaged. I guess you can tell your friends that you ate bug guts when you need a gross out story to top one of them. Heh... your mommy fed you bug bits. That should get you a few oooh and ahhhs on the playground in a few years.

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