Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hope the Dog

Well, sadly, the people who adopted Hope have decided she is too much for them.

Since I don't want her just dropped at a shelter or put to sleep simply because she is trouble, I asked Bev to give her a home until I can find her a new home.

Because the people who adopted her have had her for 4 months, and because I told them about her issues before they even MET her, I am going to ask them to help find her a place, but that I want to do in home visits and what not before she goes there. I want those people to see all of her issues and THEN tell me they still want her. I don't want the poor little thing to be shuffled around from home to home. At least she knows Bev and will have a farm to run around on.

So if you know someone who likes chihuahuas and has a heart for special needs dogs... (she barks at nothing, and she is NOT potty trainable, she needs to wear a diaper or be a mostly out door doggy.)  .. send them my way, please!

She is a cute doggy, a happy doggy, playful and fun... Just.... has issues.

Send some Hope for Hope... she needs it.

1 comment:

  1. I'll add my plea to yours, Jessie. I have a soft spot in my heart for Hope. I generally can't stand chihuahuas, but Hope won me over! She's a special needs doggy who needs someone with patience (and perhaps poor hearing?).



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