Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kudos Dad!

Today was my first day away from Liam for more than an hour or so. I had to drive to Woodburn to meet Bev and pick up Hope the Dog and then drive to this farm out in Molalla and see if this woman was a good home for Hope. She sounded too good to be true, but she was for real. I think Hope will be very happy out there. She has other dogs to play with and she seems to like them, and a whole pile of kids, 5 of which are russian orphans that the woman adopted. Amazing. She has a heart bigger than the 95 thousand acre tree farm she lives next to!

But I left Liam in Dan's care from 8:50 in the morning until I got home at 2:10. I came home to a happy baby who was even dressed in clothes! I had expected to find him still in pajamas! Its not that I didn't trust Dan, because I DO of course, but I wondered if he would just leave him in jammies all day or not. Not that it really matters... but... yea. Dan did great.

And surprisingly I did ok being away. I thought I would miss him terribly, but I rather liked the chance to not worry about him in the back seat, not fret about sun in his eyes in the car, or anything like that. And a chance to not be on HIS schedule for feedings. I got to drive and listen to music a little louder than I would when he is in the car and it was nice to go out and do something that didn't revolve around him.

But it was also sweeter than anything else in the world to come home and see him.

I took a nap later on, and then got up and sat with him for a bit and gave him a bath.

I love giving him baths. I love watching him try to stick his tongue in the water, I love his smiles when I splash him in the tub. We take baths in the funnest way possible. I just get in the big tub with him. That way I can get him in the water up to his neck, I can support his head while he kicks and explores the water. Much better than having him stuck in a baby tub!

Plus it makes it easier to wash him since I can just turn him over. Then while I finish washing ME, he hangs out in what was supposed to be the baby bath tub. I line it with a towel and then put one over him while he sits there.

And tonight he was just so cute...

Seeing him with that towel on his head makes me want to get those little hats that look like that. With the ear flaps.

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