Thursday, September 2, 2010

3 months old!

Today I woke up at the clock said 8:15.

8:15... Liam went to sleep last night at 1:30ish, so that means he slept for almost 7 hours.

7 hours of sleep for me!!!!

It is a grand thing!

Then after feeding him he laid down for his usual "I've been up for an hour and now I need to sleep more" nap and I got to make breakfast.

Dan woke up soon after, and then we had a lazy morning and later on went out to the store, all of us! It was kinda nice to go out even to the store as a family.

Then we came home, Liam and I played in the bedroom for a bit. I sit with him on the bed while he wiggles and squirms and smiles.

And after that I made dinner while Liam took a mini nap, daddy and I played online for a while, fed Liam, played with Liam, snuggled Liam and now we just finished watching an episode of Lie to Me while Liam played and then ate.

Dan is doing laundry and we are going to watch Master Chef. Liam is swinging for now, I might snuggle him in a little bit just because its nice to hold him when he is all relaxed and sleeping and not kicking me and wriggling and trying to headbutt me as he tries to find balance for his little head.

Then, when bedtime comes again, its time to HOPE that the 7 hours of sleep happens again.


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