Monday, September 13, 2010

Lovely Eyes

I have been able to appreciate Liam's eyes so much more lately.

Simply because they are what I see the most!

He has been jamming his mouth full of fingers, fists, toys, blankets, jackets and anything else he can fit in there!

I think it might be teething time. He is extra cranky and fussy, crying horribly for long bits of time. 10 minutes or so. Cries himself right into the hiccups, then gets mad at those and cries more. Poor little baby boy.

He is still sleeping longer at night, only waking up when Daddy's alarm clock goes off. Which makes me think it might be time to move him into his crib soon. Perhaps move his bassinet into that bedroom and sleep in there with him for a few nights, then move it into the area next to the crib, then finally one night plunk him down in the crib.

My only dilemma with this is that he HATES, and oh do I stress how he HATES hard surfaces to sleep on. To get him to sleep longer than 30 minutes at a time when I brought him home, I had to layer blankets over the bassinet mattress. Not enough to make it super soft like the bed is, but enough for him to sink in about half an inch.

He can easily turn himself from side to back, and so my concerns for him smothering himself are small. He can not so easily turn from side to tummy (so he doesn't get to be belly down, he can't get there!) but if I put him on his tummy he can lift his head and I think if he had something to kick off of, he could turn from tummy to side if his little arms didn't get in his way.

I guess I will give him longer in the bassinet, just until I am ready to take those alarm clocks and throw them off the Burnside bridge in a burlap sack. I will deal with it as long as I can. One - because I love having him near me. Two - Because I always figured I didn't want him in the crib until he could roll at least to his side with more ease than he can now. I just worry about him getting in there and scooching himself into a corner or against the bars and not being able to move away and getting annoyed. The bars are too narrow to pose a risk for getting his head stuck, but I could see arms and legs getting in there. But thats also why baby monitors exist.

I tried putting him in there for his afternoon naps, but it was too hard to let him sleep for very long.

Perhaps in the mean time I can consider how to SAFELY make it just a wee bit smooshier for him. I am currently toying with the idea of blankets under the crib sheet so they can't flip up and make a smothering hazard.

Oh, and I will need more pajamas with footers on them soon. He has a couple that fit right now, but he has outgrown sleep sacks with open bottoms, he just kicks his legs right on out of them and then gets cold. We just got him one that zippers up. It has a monkey on it! Just for my little Monkey Man! Gonna go put him in that one now for bed.

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