Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Another Valentines Day,

I had to babysit last night, but after the kids left Dan and I got a little bit of couple time.

Even with it being a Hallmark Holiday, it still is fun to have a day to be extra nice to the one you love. And if you are single, use it to reflect on what you DO want in love, and the things you have in your life that help make you feel loved, even without a boyfriend or girlfriend.

Liam is spending the last few days, and however many days to come teething. But even when he is whimpery and whiney he has moments when I can feel how much he loves me. He is starting to cling when he feels the need to be close, I hate that he is sad when he feels the need to cling, but I love how much it feels like a hug.

It can be hard each day to make the time to feel love. We all get so busy that we can end up taking the people around us for granted.

Maybe each day we should try to take just 5 minutes to hug the person we love. To dance to the music that only we can hear.

Everyone is loved!

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