Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Rash Decision

So, Liam had his first ever diaper rash. More than just redness. Poor little guy... But I must be doing something right if this is the only one he has had in 8.5 months!

But as I watched his little bum get redder and redder, and the wipes made him cry I realized that the Butt Paste we had been using was not enough. While it works for the day to day redness it does not work QUICKLY on the bigger rash. It would have done fine over time, but I didn't want to make Liam live with a ouchy bum any longer than I had too.

So I ran out to the store to see what my options were. I found one that had a higher percentage of the stuff that fixes the rash and said Hey, this should be great! I bought it without reading more than the active ingredients.

I got home, and opened the tube of Desitin. You know, the one you see the commercials for, the one that is really popular... well, I open the tube and am struck by a horrible stench. The kind that makes me wrinkle my nose and press my lips together with disgust. Cod Liver Oil. 

One of the inactive ingredients is COD LIVER OIL! Now not only does my baby have a red and ouchy butt, he has FISH BUTT.

WHY oh why did they have to put cod liver oil in there? 

For the three days I used it the fishy smell even covered up a poopy smell! And actually changing him with fish butt.... ugh. That was a smell that would gag a maggot.

So, I think I may need to cross that particular brand off of my list for any future diaper rashes, and learn an important lesson... Read the inactive ingredient list!

But thankfully, his bum is on the mend and I can put the tube of Fishy Paste away and go back to the still odd but not unpleasant smelling Butt Paste.

Fish butt... bah!

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