Friday, July 9, 2010

Busy Busy Busy!

Liam is growing fast, he can lift his head for a second or two when he wants too. He smiled for a bit the other day too!

I know he weighs over 10lbs now, and he is another 1/4 inch longer. (We measured at home!)

He looks around a lot, actually tracking things with his eyes. He likes to look at his Daddy's face, I think its more interesting than Mommy's face, it has hair on it, and more contrast to the features.

He eats well, if at odd times. Sometimes he will put away 3 ounces and sleep for a couple hours, other times he has just one ounce and will be fussy for hours but won't eat more!

It really is a full time (an I don't just mean 40 hours a week, I mean, FULL time) job taking care of him. Getting him down for the night is a challenge. He wants to be AWAKE between 10pm and 1am and be cranky the whole time. Sometimes he will be content playing games for a bit, but not for long. I hope this phase goes away soon.

It is weird, I am finding myself having to correct my typing more as I write this. Maybe I am just tired, or maybe distracted as I turn to look at my sleeping baby boy in between words. Or maybe its that Mommy Brain people keep saying is real.

I am going to blame sleeping in 2 hour sessions and not enough food. I don't want to think that being a mommy might make me more likely to make spelling errors.

At night he will sleep for about 3 hours at first, then 2 hours after a feeding, then somewhere between 6 and 7 am he will wake up and simply not be content without being next to me. So we snuggle up in bed together, (Keeping in mind please that I have gotten a total of MAYBE 4 hours of sleep at this point, I want to keep sleeping.) and he will happily lay there and play with his hands while I doze off. (keeping him safely ON the bed, and not going to be rolled on or in a place where he can roll over and get his face into blankets.)

We sleep that way until noon most days, then wake up and start the day.

And I have tried getting him onto a schedule of going to bed earlier, I would LOVE to be able to go to bed around 10pm or so... even 11 would be ok. But he will have NONE of it. He sleep from 8-10 usually, but I just simply can NOT sleep at 8pm. It is too early! Sometimes I might map a bit, but even then, he won't go back to sleep after that. He wants to be up until 1.

But thats about all. Just normal baby things!

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