Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sleep and No Sleep

So right now I just can not sleep.

I tried, but I am not tired. Which is crazy, since all last night Liam was up every hour, at one point I think I was so tired that I passed out... all I remember was hearing him start to fuss and going to stand up and get a bottle for him, I woke up in bed, it was about half an hour later and he was one FURIOUS baby.

But of course he would only eat one ounce. And then would not wake up. Until I put him in the bassinet. Then he woke up and fussed for 15 minutes before falling asleep only to wake up an hour later and demand to eat....... but once more, only ate an ounce. And fell asleep. And this went on and on and on from 1am until about 9 this morning when I finally say SCREW THIS and just got up.

Only to pour myself a bowl of cereal and pour milk into it and get it all the way to the desk, eat a HUGE bite of it, make a bottle, get the cranky baby and sit down to feed him.... and then I discover that my cereal was invaded by ants. I ate ants. They were floating in my milk.

So I had to throw out a brand new box of cereal, since that was only my second bowl. Later on I wanted to try that again, so I got into the box of honey nut cheerios. Once more, ant infested. Thank goodness I checked this time BEFORE I even poured a bowl.

So, since Liam was actually ASLEEP FOR THE FIRST TIME ALL DAY IN HIS CHAIR AND NOT IN MY ARMS, I cleaned the kitchen and set up a water pan with a dry pan in it to store my cereal boxes in. Yay for multiple sizes of cookie sheets.

Then I discovered a MASSIVE trail of ants leading down to the cat food bowls. So I had to clean that up, and lacking any ant killer I felt safe using in the house, I sprayed those little bastards down with Multi Purpose Kitchen/Bathroom cleaner with Oxy Power. Oxy Power the HELL OUT OF THOSE LITTLE FUuuuuu..... oh, sorry. Can you tell I hate ants?

And this is just an addition to the ant killing I must do every time I am in the bathroom. they get on the counters. And in the kitchen, they get all over the sink. EVEN WITH NO FOOD OUT, they are all over.

I find them on my desk, and on my nightstand, and IN MY SHEETS!

I am so grossed out at this point, I don't know what to do.

So I asked the apartment manager to ask the apartment owners to spray for ants. And she shrugs it off, nothing they can do really. And I call bullsh*t on that. Even if it won't take out the piles of ant hills under the building, it should at least cut down on the ant problem for a little while.

The ones that were going for the cat bowls were coming in through the TOP of the window. Now... short of going to Home Depot and buying some sort of sealant and re-sealing ALL THE WINDOWS, ALL THE DOORS AND ALL THE GAPS ALONG THE FLOORS...... there is no way to keep them out.

Seriously, this place is so poorly built that the ants are coming in through gaps between the cabinets and the walls that have cracks that lead down into the foot or more of space beneath the building. The entire underside of the building is a... a pocket. Over dirt. Ant filled dirt.

But in good news, Liam is fine. He is... well, right now he is being fussy and cranky and needy. I hear this is just a phase. I really hope it is because it breaks my heart to hear him cry whenever I put him down, but I have to put him down, at least to eat and do other necessary things. I would leave him to cry it out, but it seems like he will fuss for 5 minutes then put up a HUGE fuss, crying frantically like something is drastically wrong, but when you pick him up, he stops and falls asleep, until you put him down again.

Or then there are times when he just cries and cries and cries. Usually after spitting up, so I am going to call his doctor tomorrow, maybe he has that baby reflux problem and needs something new to happen to fix it.

Maybe thats why it takes him 15-20 minutes to fall back asleep at night after eating.

But he is gaining weight, when he isn't crying and upset he is a happy baby as far as I can tell. No real smiles yet other than a few random ones that might not be real yet.... Hopefully soon he will start having a Social Smile. I need some kind of reassurance from him that I am doing this right.

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  1. Hey girl,
    First, let me tell you that you ARE doing it right.
    Every new Mom has doubts, if you didn't, that's when I would worry about you.
    Hang in there.
    My daughter Sami wouldn't let me put her down for 6 months.
    I finally got one of those baby hammocks.
    A peice of material that I could wrap around my body and tuck her into. Like a sling.
    Some call it a baby fling.
    It held her on my hip or across my back or belly.
    She slept there, played there, and I was finally able to do a batch of dishes.
    I googled your ant problem...found this website.
    It looked like there were a few ideas that you might want to try. all non lethal to dogs, babies or neighborhood kids.
    I hope it helps.
    I admire you. I look forward to your blog.
    Somedays I need to smile, you help me.
    Thanks for that.


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