Friday, July 2, 2010

Last thing to try...

Well, it is clear that my little guy just won't nurse normally or regularly, so I have ONE last thing to try to even keep him getting SOME of my milk...

Today I am going to go out and rent a hospital grade breast pump.

I thought that it would be outside of our financial scope, but Bev offered to pay for the deposit and the supplies and the first two months rental. She says "I want the puppy to have the best food he can get!"

Yes, she calls my boy "Puppy" and it stuck, cause I find myself calling him that too. It is an awful cute nick name...

Plus, if he is the puppy, that makes me the Alpha Bitch. Which is what a mom should be. Strong and protective and willing to do ANYTHING for her puppy.


He is growing well and doing well. Sleeping a little bit longer at a time, which means that at night once I get him to go to sleep he will stay out for a solid two hours, sometimes even more!

So I am getting just a smidge more sleep here and there.

1 comment:

  1. I hope this works, Jessie. Please remember, though, if it doesn't, you are not to blame! He is a stubborn little Puppy, and you are doing your utmost best for him.



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