Thursday, July 29, 2010

Two Months or Eight Weeks?

How do you count the time? Technically the "month" aspect of his age would come on the 2nd of each month, So we have longer until he is "Two Months Old", but he is "Eight Weeks Old" today. (ok, so it was yesterday at 10:05 at night, but still...)

At eight weeks old... Lets see. He smiles sometimes. If you catch him in the right moment, or change his diaper. Yup, he loves a bare bum.

And he wiggles. He kicks his legs a lot. He likes to push against things and shove himself along.

He also sticks his fists in his mouth. A LOT! I swear sometimes he tries to catch his tongue.

And he lets us try different outfits on him... Lots of them, because as soon as you get one on he likes to spit up all over it. The only safe things are hats!

 And some of the clothes he was given are a little.... wrong for him. They might fit one part of him right now, but not the rest. Like these cute shorts that fit his waist, but are a little large otherwise!

 He also is very good at making faces! Usually when Mommy is trying to get a good picture of him.

He is learning what his hands are good for as well. Including things like bopping Daddy in the nose and trying to grab fistfuls of goatee. Thankfully he still mostly misses in his grabs, but that will not last long!

He likes spending time close to mommy as well! Thankfully he had become less needy once we fixed his upset tummy problems. It means I have more time to get chores done. The only thing is that now he doesn't want to sit on the floor, or in his chair... oh no, He wants to SWING! I have a feeling we should all buy stock in Energizer now with all the massive D batteries we will go through swinging this munchkin! (and of course all the toys that will need batteries later on).

And last but not least, as we work toward him lifting his head, we try to give him time on his tummy. This usually consists of him drooling on the bed and rubbing his face in the sheets or blankets and eventually screaming his head off. He seems to be more interested in kicking his feet then lifting his head up. Sometimes we can get it to balance or he will hold it for a sec while we are holding him against a shoulder as we walk into the bedroom for a diaper change.

 But he is doing pretty fantastic, weighed in at 12 pounds last week when he got his shots! We got his upset tummy issues fixed, just needed a formula change and some new eating habits, like eating upright!

He is spending more time awake as he grows, which of course means more time to be bored and scream at us when we can't figure out what he needs. Sometimes I don't think he even knows what he wants!!!

I just want him to learn to sleep longer than 2 hours at a time and figure out how to keep his thumb in his mouth, or at least not try to jam a thumb in there with the pacifier and end up flinging them both out!

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