Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Lack in the Clothing Department

There is a serious lack of good looking baby boy clothes.

If they are not plastered with creepy cartoons, lame logos or some sort of sport or truck, they are a button up shirt or a onesie.

I just want a shirt.

A plain shirt. Maybe some with stripes. Maybe some with a cool design on it that isnt someone surfing or a peace sign or a dinosaur. Not there there is anything wrong with dinos... just not on EVERYTHING.

Monkeys and all were great when he was a baby baby, but now I think I would like to dress him in something that doesn't come with a cartoon character on it. I have some things that are plain and I use them a lot. I like the plaid pants and the over alls

Sadly, these things are few and far between.

I should just find a place and buy a ton of white shirts and then some dyes, and some printable iron-on transfers and design them MYSELF!!!!

I think that will be my new project. If I had time to sew I would MAKE him super cool baby clothes.

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