Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Skirt

Today I finally did something I have been putting off. I sorted my clothes. I tossed out the ratty ones, the old ones, the ones I will NEVER wear. And in the process I found my skirt.

I bought this skirt when I was 25, living in CA and about 30lbs lighter.

This is my goal now. In one years time I want to fit into the skirt again.

It is a size 16. For some of you that may seem huge, for others it may be small. For me, it is about where I think I should be. Maybe a size 14. But that is about as small as I can be and still look good. I may reevaluate that statement when I reach that goal, but until then...

So, now that I am sharing my goal, I hope that you all can help me meet it. Support, encouragement, a kind word... that can go a long ways.

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