Sunday, August 7, 2011

Oddly Sentimental

One of Liam's bottle nipples got a hole bitten in it. So I chucked out the nipple and then planned a trip to Babies R' Us to buy a new one. But then I got to thinking.

We only give him three bottles a day. One before his nap, one before bed, and one at midnight or so when he wakes up and needs to go back to sleep.

Really, the 4th bottle is useless. So I put it away. Minus its torn nipple. I set the ring onto the bottle and put it in a cupboard after a last washing and drying.

And this made me sad. I don't need it anymore. My baby doesn't need a snuggle and a bottle 6-8 times a day.

I am glad that he is growing up, I am glad that he is more independent and eating fun foods... I like not washing a billion bottles a day. I love that he is growing into a sweet toddler and that I get to see who he is going to be, but I already miss my little bitty baby.

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