Monday, August 22, 2011

Making Time

In the last few weeks I have had to re-manage my time. Part of this came from joining the gym and making time in some mornings to go work out. I go as soon as we eat breakfast. 4-5 days a week so far and I want to keep doing that.

I could not be doing this without the van my mom brought up for me to use. I am so grateful for this van. It allows me to go out during the day to places I actually WANT to go without making my sweet and hard working husband have to take the bus.

I make time for the gym, and as part of that change, I am taking Liam to go DO something after the gym. The park, or shopping, I am going to be adding the community pool to the list soon I think. And with him getting out more, he naps better and sleeps through the night now.

I also have the puppy now and need to make time for her. In two days she will get her second set of shots and then she can come to the park with us and go out with us. I am so excited for this!!! She is getting more and more energy, but being under house arrest for her health has been making us ALL a little crazy.

It means I am spending less time indoors, which DOES translate into less baking, but ya know what? I will be glad for that. I don't really NEED to be eating all those baked goodies. I am sure Dan is missing his cookies about now though....

With all these new activities now open to me I am so excited to take Liam out more. I have so many things I want to show him. Today we did a pool party with some other moms, and later this week I want to take him swimming. And once Nym gets her shots I want to take them both to the park more often.

I think I like this new way of living. I forgot how nice it felt to be able to GET OUT!!!!

Here is Liam at the park. Can you spot him? If you ever forget how tiny a 14 month old is, just let them go wander into the big kid playground. He seems so small and fragile.

And here is Nym, growing faster every day. She is so well behaved with Liam, and she is learning some things like sit and leave it very well. She is a good dog!

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