Thursday, November 12, 2009

Appointment Bump

So, i got a call yesterday telling me that they had an appointment opening tomorrow (today). I jumped at the chance to have my first doctors appointment at a time when Dan could go with me.

So in we went, and after a general health history, some questions, a bit more talking, and waiting, i got to have the fun of a pelvic exam, but after that came the wonderful moment I had been waiting for.

First we tried finding the heartbeat with the dopplar, had it for a second, then no more. So we got the ultrasound machine, and someone who was super good with it, and then suddenly on the screen, there it was. My baby. S/he twitched, once, twice, three times, FOUR TIMES! Little arms bouncing up as the head tossed back. Like a hiccup, or just a random twitch. Who knows.

So my little Twitchy One is really real. S/he is in there, growing and changing and existing. I can't wait until next month where I can beg them to do it again so I can get a picture of it!

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