Friday, November 6, 2009

Wow what a week.

Ok. Lets see. We picked the cake. Papa Hayden bakery in Portland. They are making my (and Dan's) wedding cake exactly how we want it! And it will be so pretty and so tasty and so perfect!

I got on OHP. And made an appointment ASAP to get the kiddo checked out, and found out two things. One, you need a months notice to get an appointment. and Two, OHP doesn't give you a list of people who will TAKE the plan, so you have to do all your own leg work. Unless you sign up for a plan within the plan, and then you get a list. but its only on that little plan within the plan now that you can use the plan. Confused yet? So am I!

But it means that on the 9th I can call a phone number and get a list of doctors who will be my primary care physician for a while now, and a dentist (YAY! tooth fixin'!) and I picked my OWN baby place, cause I kinda wanna be picky about who does what with me and my munchkin.

So on November 23rd, I will get to go in and see just how healthy I am! *fingers crossed* I'm sure it will be fine!

In other news, my Chihuahua has NO IDEA how much she is putting her life in danger each time she barks that shrill little yippy bark when my head is pounding. And my room mate has NO IDEA how likely I am to break open that door during his 30 minute shower and shave time when I need to pee and had to pee and was just getting UP to pee when he rushed into the bathroom. My kitty has NO IDEA how much I wish she wouldn't sleep at the foot of the bed and yowl at me at 2am when I accidently kick her.

Speaking of 2am. I am having a hard time sleeping lately. I wake up in pain, in my shoulders, neck, upper and lower back, my normal aches and pains, only now I can't take my handful of advil for them, not until a Dr. OK's some sort of pain killer for me.

oh, and I think I had my first genuine craving! for a tunafish sandwich. And while that might not seem so weird to some of you, I HATE FISH normally! But tuna with mayo and mustard and chopped up dill pickles on sourdough bread was SO yummy, I want to go eat more, even though I am full!

My step mom gets into town today so we can do dress shopping and other things this weekend. I am so excited to get to see her!!!!

And then the weekend AFTER THAT my mom and grandma are going to be in town, and I get to see them and my aunt and my cousins and my cousins new baby. That will be fun too! I can't wait!

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