Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well, I never...

Today was a rotten day. From waking up after tossing and turning all night, a worn out tired me, I went to work. I had no blood draws, only one urine cup to collect, and that was the day. I drove all that way for nothing basically. Except my pay. Which is crap in the first place.

Then I was happy, since I had a dentist appointment to get some cavities fixed and then I was going to pick up my wedding ring.

Well, at the dentist the receptionist was reading off the work they were going to do and said something about silver fillings. I bounced in, "Excuse me? I mentioned on my paper work that I am highly allergic to nickel, which is in those fillings. You can't do "silver" fillings on me!" She said that getting the white ones on anything but my front teeth was going to cost me 168.00 per filling. I was astonished. Because I was allergic I had to pay? She said "well thats what your insurance covers with us." I asked to speak to the dentist.

He was WORSE! he was rude to me, dismissive, not even able to sound like he was sorry at all for not reading my chart apparently. I told him I was allergic to nickle, he said "well I can't treat you different than any other patient." YOU CAN'T!?! If you had a patient who was allergic to the anesthetic, you would need to use a different one, or would you just drill on them with nothing? If you have a patient with different needs, you need to treat them differently! He said that "people on your health plan should take what you get and deal with it."

I was humiliated. Just because I am on a state health plan, I should not receive the same standard of care as someone on a better plan? I should "deal with" having metal put in my mouth that will cause an intensely painful reaction? Or pay an outrageous amount of money to HAVE that standard of care. If I HAD that kind of money, I wouldn't be on a state health plan. I have never felt like I was some sort of lower class person until that moment. They didn't treat me with any sort of respect.

I asked for my x-rays to give to my next dentist. They wanted to charge me. I said I would just have my new dentist call them for the x-rays. I had to leave before I punched that dick head in the face. The place doesn't even FEEL like a legitimate dental office, the door says Adv-something, the place is supposed to be "Soft Touch Dental" but it doesn't say that ANYWHERE on the building or in the office.

So I went home in tears, crying because I was humiliated, because I had been treated like some kind of loser. I am the same person I was when I had great insurance, I am just as good as anyone else in the world. And to be treated like I am not hurts my heart.

I ate some food, got some comfortings from Dan, took a nap and woke up just in time to go pick up my wedding band, which was now supposed to be in my size. But apparently my fingers were a different size. The size that fit me so well just 5 days ago was now too tight. So I am having them take it up another half size.

I just feel like nothing has gone right today.

Now I have to call my dental plan on Monday and try to find a dentist who isn't an asshole because their web site won't let me SEARCH for someone who will take my plan and I would have wasted hours calling a billion places before I found one who would.

I just want to be treated well, even if I am on a state health plan, it doesn't make me any less of a person with the right to NOT have to settle for second rate service and work done on my body.

My biggest concern now that I had that experience, is that I will be treated like that in the hospital too. That my concerns will be dismissed and my body will be treated poorly. I don't think those wonderful women at the midwife clinic would do that to me, but it scares me.

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