Thursday, November 19, 2009

everything changes


Lets see, what have I left out recently.

My stepmom came to visit. We paid for the dress, and the veil, and a little tiara thing. (its ordered, and due to come in soon! then i get to try it on, and we will see about alterations.) we paid off the cake, bought some stuff to make wedding favors and things like that. It was good to see her!

The next weekend my aunt threw me a little wedding shower. That was nice. Cute favors. Including Hershey Kisses that had "Jessie and Dan" stickers on the bottom of them!

I've discovered that WIC is pretty useless to me. It only pays for food that I rarely eat, or don't have time to cook. Sorry, but dry beans and brown rice are NOT things that I eat often, and when I know I am going to get called into work as soon as I start cooking (HAPPENED 8 TIMES ALREADY!) there is NO point in cooking!!  The 8 dollars in fruits and veggies is almost laughable since that buys SO LITTLE in the way of those things. And to get the full value of the milk voucher you need to buy 2.25 or 2.5 gallons ALL AT ONCE. Ummmm, I don't have ROOM in my fridge for that much milk! I could use it to get a gallon of milk, but that is only about 2 dollars right now. I can find 2 dollars digging in the change under the seat of my car. *sigh* all the trouble to get on WIC and now I don't even use it. Oh, and a pound of cheese. But you can't get string cheese, shredded cheese, anything but mild cheddar or jack or colby. I don't think I have eaten a pound of cheese in the last 5 months, let alone in ONE month. It would go bad and I would have to throw it out. All i really eat is string cheese and Kraft slices for grilled cheese or bologna sandwiches. Ah well, I will stay on it, it won't cost them anything to keep giving me the vouchers, they only need to pay if I use them.

I did get on the Oregon Health Plan, and through them the Providence Plan. I have a place that I like for my care, and a PCP finally, and they told me what pills are safe to take, so that means I can finally have a night where I can sleep and only wake up 6-8 times instead of the 12-16 times I was waking up.

So, I am getting in to the second trimester. I'm noticing that I can eat more, but that I am still stuffed up and tired a lot. I am having weird dreams now too! Kind of disturbing ones where someone accuses me of something and I have to defend myself. Or dreams that someone is in danger but I can do nothing to help them.

I did get to have my first ultrasound and see the little squirming munchkin. S/he was tossing some hands all over the place and throwing back the head and squirming and twitching. Very cute. I will get pictures next time, was too busy being amazed to think about it the first time, and Dan even got a little tear in his eye watching that. It was way sweet.

Work is going ok, but I don't think I am allowed to have a day off. Every person that BrightStar has sent over to Cedar Hills hasn't worked out for various reasons. I just hope it gets settled soon, so I can actually go on leave for my wedding! Oh, and to have a baby once I get too big to be bending over patient beds and stuff like that.

I wish I had some ice cream in the freezer, that sounds good.

Oh well, I think its time to go to bed and try and sleep. After the sheet gets done in the drier. And I make the bed. And take my Bendryl that will help me breathe, and put me to sleep.

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