Friday, January 15, 2010

I'm gonna KICK your...... um... wait, what?

so there I am, laying in bed last night, about to fall asleep in order to wake up at 6am and run off to work. I am all snuggled in my blankets, my husband has just kissed me goodnight then gone to reheat his dinner and have a snack. I am thinking, "gee, I hope tomorrow is a good day." when it happens. I get kicked!

Not by a cat, or a dog, or a husband, but a BABY KICK!

It was like.... well, kinda like swimming in the ocean and feeling a fish bump into you. Or sticking your hand in the goldfish tank at the pet store. Something small and soft feeling, but with some effort behind it, some force.

So then of course I am too excited to sleep, and totally thrilled. Four little thwaps, then a flutter, then nothing. All in about 2 minutes. Maybe 4 minutes. And I am left breathless, amazed, excited, and feeling like I am somehow part of this amazing moment where all of time just stood still and held its breath.

Little baby, I don't even know your name yet, or if you are a boy or a girl, I don't know if your hair will be curly or straight, blonde or brown, I don't know anything, except that I absolutely and unconditionally adore you already. I have since you were the size of a bean, and up until you are old enough to know better, you can kick me ALL YOU WANT!

I love you Baby Bean.

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