Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More challenges...

While all is well with the baby, mommy isn't so thrilled lately.

Work has been cutting back on the number of times I get called in, so my paychecks are about $60-80.00 less each week. While this might not seem like a big deal to some people, it is a big deal when each check is less than 300.00.

And then there is the fun part about my car's registration needing renewing, but to do that in OR, it needs to pass DEQ (emissions) and while it should pass, it won't because of ONE TINY THING. My Check Engine light is on. I had the car serviced a year ago and they did not find a reason for that light to be on. But it still won't turn off.

I need to get my car into a place to get the light turned off, so that I can pass DEQ, so that I can register the damn car... but I can't afford to do that. Any mechanic will charge just to find out why it's on, and that is money I don't have right now.

It is making me depressed, the financial situation. It is so hard to keep feeling hopefully, when I know that when I go on leave, I will be losing even my tiny income. I have some ideas for finding freelance design work, or selling some of my jewelry that I make at an online crafts shop... but last time I tried that, nothing sold.

Anyways, I guess I will just try to keep hopeful and hopefully get the car dealt with. A forum online suggested unhooking the battery for 5 minutes, then hooking it back up as a way to sort of hard reset the triggers for the damn light. If only I knew HOW to unhook the battery... maybe I can look that up online too...

In other news, the Kitty who has been being a brat was a REAL brat last night, and my hopes for her personality improving have been shot for now. She has a little while longer until I have to put my foot down about giving her more chances, but the thought of getting rid of her breaks my heart and my husbands heart. I hope she can pull off a miracle personality change... I really do. She COULD be a good kitty... she really could. But if she can't stop being aggresive to people, she will need to leave. It's sad, but true.

And then, my round ligament pain is getting so bad that some movements cause tears to come to my eyes and its hard not to whimper when I move. Heat helps, but I am limited in how long I can apply heat to my belly area, and all the pain is located around there! (Inner thigh, abdomen, groin...) The new bed that will be getting here on Thursday might help a bit with that, I certainly hope it will. If not, maybe my midwife will have an idea. Right now, even going for a walk is a dauntingly painful challenge. But I do it anyways, gotta keep excercising, got to stay healthy for my son.

I just hope things get better soon. I need a ray of sunshine right about now.

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