Friday, January 29, 2010

The old, the new and the changing

Old, work is still being annoying, I had to work Thursday, even after being promised I could depend on that one day off a week so I had a  day in which to schedule my appointments and such, well, I managed to keep the appointments because it was too late to reschedule them when I found out about needing to work... but after one of them, I got a call from B* and was rudely accused of not picking up my phone. Apparently the hospital had been calling for a stat draw, but I didn't get any of the calls. My phone had service, but nothing was going through. Not my fault! But nooooo, I get bitched out for not answering and have the B* employee talk rudely to me and make accusational statements and use a tone of voice like I was stupid.

I put up with enough BS from the hospital staff, I don't need B* people making my life even worse.

As for new, we got the bed delivered, the Sleep Number one, that my dad and stepmom so generously bought for me and Dan as a wedding gift. Last night was one of the most comfy sleeps I have gotten in a LONG time!

and as for changing, little boy is growing! Instead of the normal little flutter kicks I have been getting, today was a serious thwapping! Pretty amazing.

I am trying to find things that I can do from home to make money after I go on leave. If they can not keep their end of the bargain at work, I will just leave early. I am sick and tired of being told that I need to keep this or that responsibility, but not being given the tools I need to do so.

Anyways, i think its bed time, I am super tired! Have to get up early and go in to work tomorrow. Lets see what fun things I get to deal with... maybe someone will try to whine at me and accuse me of not picking up my phone... I'd like to see them try!

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