Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Meine Katzen sind verrückt

Yahoo Babel Fish promised me that those words were the German translation of "My cats are crazy". So if they are wrong, sorry!

But yea. The cats are causing the most issues right now.

My kitty, Katchoo, is terrified of Dan's cats. This is reasonable, when his cats were stressed out at the old house they teamed up and tormented Katchoo mercilessly until she lost about 50% of her total body weight. She was skin and bone and it scared the hell out of me.

But now it seems they are trying to be good, but she is so scared of them. I can't blame her. I would be scared too. But I don't know how to make them all get along.

Now, I left them all together while i ran to the bank and came home to find Katchoo on my desk, covered in pee, and having chunks of fur pulled out. Not big chunks, but some chunks. I was gone for, 20 minutes? If that...

We have got to get these cats to get along, or I don't know what to do.

I guess it is just a matter of time. Giving them time. Right now Raven is curious about Katchoo, she keeps trying to sniff her, and that is making Katchoo hiss and growl and be terrified, so I made Katchoo her own Kitty Klubhouse and am letting her hang out in there to her hearts content. It's a cardboard box with only a small panel cut out that she can come in and out of and see out of if she wishes. I put it on my desk and hopefully she will just hang out there until she feels comfy coming out. I will just make sure to offer her food and water from time to time.

It breaks my heart to see her this scared, but I also have to remember that when Johnny was a kitten and I brought him home, she didn't sleep for 3 days and didn't eat and sat there and hissed and growled at him. Within 2 months she was grooming him and being nice to him. Never best of friends, but she ignored him until he was annoying. And she did the same with Little Girl back in CA, and any other kitty she had been around.

Maybe it will all turn out ok.

I really hope it does.

<3 you Chewie!

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